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There once was a grumpy dustbunny who lived in a tree...


But after a failed forced rescue attempt involving a bear and a not so sturdy tree, this little dustbunny is finding himself out in the big wide world. Where he's going to soon discover that life outside of his books and tree just isn't a simple. The one foot high fluffball finds himself on an adventure through the continent of Tsew; a land where magic and music are intertwined and where tensions between humans and fae are still reeling after the Birth of the Black Sands; An historic event that brought a vast black desert into existence in the center of the continent, where feral terrifying demons freely roam.

Fate is an all ages fantasy comic, with diverse characters, world building and big stakes. It updates every Tuesday.


About the author: 

Anthea West is a freelance sequential artist and cartoonist living in Dublin, Ireland.  Having always loved to tell stories, both verbally and in a written/drawn medium, she also loves to share those stories. Being able to make someone laugh or captivate them with the twist and turns of a good laid out story has always been quite satisfying. Anthea has been making comics since 2009 like her self-published graphic novel The Earthbound God, which was awarded a spot in the Irish Comic News Hall of Fame. Anthea also has a bachelor degree in Animation and an ongoing webcomic, Fate. She also frequently sells at conventions and comic events all over Ireland. Anthea loves cats, dogs and finds writing in the third person odd. 

Interested in Anthea West's work and would like to get in contact? Her business email: antheawestart@hotmail.com or visit her website Dustbunny Studios.